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Loyalty Rewards Program

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Being a part of the TLC Family Camps comes with tremendous benefits that we hope you notice each day your child gets off the bus. As such, we wanted to share a new initiative that truly recognizes your loyalty and encourages you to stay with “our family” for your child’s full camp experience.

Did you know that when your child attends any of our three-day camps, we automatically place 10% of your paid tuition ever year into your Summer Camp Account? You can use the accumulated funds towards their tuition at any of our 3 residential camps – including Timber Lake West!

The TLC Loyalty Rewards Program

The TLC Loyalty Rewards Program will provide credits for each year that a child attends one of our Day Camp programs. Credits will accumulate for as many consecutive years as you are in our programs.  The credit is based on the actual out-of-pocket tuition that you pay for whatever program your child is enrolled in.  When it comes time for a Day Camper to consider sleep-away, you can redeem your credits at any one of our three sleep-away camps (credits will be spread over 2 summers for Timber Lake West as it is a short-season program).

These credits will accumulate if you stay with one of our programs throughout your child’s camp experience and will accrue each year as long as he/she continues without interruption.

Nothing is more important to us than having our campers grow within our TLC Family!

Our Resident Camps

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Rookie Day 1: July 6th

Rookie Day 2: August 3rd

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Rookie Day 1: July 15th

Rookie Day 2: July 29th

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Rookie Day 1: July 8th

Rookie Day 2: July 29th

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