Visiting Day | Timber Lake West

Visiting Day

We are so excited to see all of you for Visiting Day at WEST.

As a reminder, Visiting Day will begin at 10:00 AM and end at 3:00 PM. We ask that you try not to arrive at camp any earlier than 9:00 AM, as the road leading to camp will be closed until that time. For your convenience, we will allow cars onto the grounds around 9:30 AM.

Once you arrive, please remain in the parking area until we make the announcement that Visiting Day has begun. This will ensure that the parents at the back of the line get to see their children at the same time as those who are up at the front. For everyone’s safety, campers will not be permitted to leave their bunks until you meet them there. Parents who have children on both boys’ and girls’ sides are asked to “divide and conquer.” If one parent heads to girls’ campus while the other heads to boys’, you’ll be sure to keep everyone happy in those hectic first few minutes.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FOOD and PETS: Please be aware that there are a number of campers who have food and pet allergies. Please do NOT bring any snacks that include NUTS to camp.  Additionally, we want to remind you that NO four legged friends are allowed on the grounds whatsoever.