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Camp Policies

Particularly in today’s technology-driven, text-messaging, cell-phone connected world, camp focuses on the here and now. Right in front of you are relationships that still work to create the old-fashioned friendships that last a lifetime. Most importantly, camp allows children to practice the skills of making and keeping friends, which is why we have the following Camp Policies in place:

1. Cell Phone & Electronics Policy

The camp experience makes a difference in children’s lives because it is designed around social interaction – living with and enjoying those “camp” friends. As you can imagine, new technologies have the potential to negatively impact our traditional summers at camp. Increasingly, we watch some campers use their downtime to sit alone and play their handheld electronic games instead of hanging out with their bunkmates and friends. And therefore, modern technology has no place in camp!

We feel a camp is a better experience without technology. Because there are no phones allowed at camp, campers are able to meet people and interact with them offline, form closer connections, get a much-needed break from the expectations and pressures of social media, and have the opportunity to live in the moment.

The ONLY technology allowed will be an MP3 player that only plays music. All other devices are not permitted.

Some Options Include:
Spotify Music Player (Mighty)
ScanDisk MP3
Campfire Player

We do not allow any camper, under any circumstance to have a cell phone whatsoever. WE MAKE NO EXCEPTIONS. In the instance of a camper being found in possession of a cell phone that camper may be suspended for 2 days.

Please note all unauthorized devices will be removed and returned at the end of the session. If you are unsure which electronics are allowed in camp, ask yourself these questions:

DeviceIs It Allowed?Notes
MP3 Players Permitted without screensThese devices don't leave the bunk unless used for exercising/dance outside the bunk.
Digital CamerasPermittedNO video recording allowed
All iPods/Old iPhonesNot Permitted
PSP, DS, and other handheld gamesNot Permitted
iPad/Kindle/NookNot PermittedThis includes the bus ride to and from camp.
Apple WatchNot Permitted
Other Tablets/LaptopsNot Permitted
Video Camera (Flip, Go-Pro, etc.)Not Permitted
Hover BoardsNot Permitted
DronesNot Permitted
  1. Does this device playback video and have any video content on it?
  2. Can this device access the internet or have cellular service?
  3. Is this an electronic device that has a game?
  4. Can this device communicate in any way with other devices?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please leave the device at home.

2. Package Policy

In an interest in placing the emphasis in camp on activities and friendships, we have a NO package policy. Books, magazines and stationery are fine to send as long as it is sent in a flat envelope. For campers with birthdays DURING camp, one package will be permitted and we will deliver it on your child’s birthday – no food, of course.

3. Food Policy

No Item in ANY envelope or package will be delivered if ANY FOOD OR GUM is included. ALL FOOD ITEMS will be DISCARDED and not saved.

Visiting Day Food Reminder: Timber Lake West is a NUT AWARE CAMP – No food products containing NUTS are allowed.  All food items must be in its original packaging.

4. Raid Policy

Campers are not permitted out of their bunk, unsupervised, either after curfew or before reveille. Campers found to be not in their beds or out of their bunks during that time will be considered “raiding”. Campers determined to have been “raiding” will receive an in-camp penalty and a warning with a phone call home to a parent.

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