Artistic License – Feature Family Connect of the Month

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Family Connect regularly features new or unique ideas, businesses, ventures, philanthropic or other endeavors that our camp families are involved in. Camp parents send us their submissions. Items are selected for either a feature article or for our directory of businesses, services and events. With over 3000 camp families, our hope is that finding out about what’s happening in our greater camp community will create synergies and benefits beyond far beyond the already tremendous benefits your children get from a summer experience at camp.

Bonnie Schwartz has sent two sons through Timber Lake Camp and still remains connected through her youngest, Marc, who was a counselor there, this past summer. Bonnie, who has always had an artistic flair and uses her “artistic license” to create art from license plates. Most think of a license plate as just a piece of metal but it is so much more – it is the thumbprint of the automobile, it is Americana – and each one is unique.

Each picture that she creates has its own history, and tells its own story. She has created customized logos of both prominent celebrities, sports teams, university mascots, comic book heroes, automotive motifs and most recently has been able to truly capture any portrait. Camp logos have been ordered for a variety of camp owners, with her first presented to, you guessed it; Timber Lake Camp Director and Timber Lake Family of Camps Executive Director, Jay Jacobs. You will be amazed at what Bonnie can create with license plates.

Bonnie has something for everyone; even our directors. Jenn Despagna and Justin Mayer. Jenn went to Michigan and Justin went to Indiana.

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Bonnie’s work is more than simply a conversation piece. Like any great piece of art, it defines the room that is graces.