What Kids Really Learn At Camp


Children, Tweens and Teens flock to overnight camp to experience the summer of a lifetime. At Timber Lake West Camp our mission is to teach children the skills of making and keeping friends, while building their self esteem, self confidence and resilience. Aside from the obvious of making new friends and going away for the summer, what are the benefits? We’re happy to tell you! They learn:

1. INDEPENDENCE: Camp is a great way for children to learn independence. Children learn to do things for themselves, when mom and dad are not present. With the assistance of camp counselors and staff, they regularly clean up, make their bed and keep track of their belongings

2. TEAM WORK: At Timber Lake West, we provide a community for our campers. From the second they arrive at camp, whether they are first timers or returning campers, they all feel like a part of the Timber Lake West Camp family. It is through our fun, engaging, team activities that help campers learn the importance of working together and excelling in a group environment. It is on the ball fields, at Arts & Crafts and other elective areas and at the waterfront that our campers are learning the skills of making and keeping friends and the importance of team work.

3.TO UNPLUG AND SLOW DOWN: Many camps do not allow or limit technological devices and Timber Lake West is one of them. Without technology, campers get to laugh and talk and bond at the bunk and activity areas.

4. TO APPRECIATE THE SMALL THINGS IN LIFE: What child doesn’t enjoy the comfort of their own home? Overnight camp is a great way for your child to have a new found appreciation for their at home surroundings and everything that comes along with it.

5. NEW SKILLS: Overnight camp is a place where your child will learn new skills, discover a new sport or hobby that they have never tried before. While they are learning a new skill, they are also learning how to make and keep friends and the importance of teamwork.

6. TO MAKE FRIENDS: A new Camper can be a bit nervous prior to the start of camp and we make it our business to make everyone feel at home right away. We want Timber Lake West to be their second home. Camp creates bonds that last a lifetime. Ask anyone who has been to camp and they will always tell you their best friends are their camp friends.

7. TO MAKE CHOICES: Camp will help your child make choices. Big or small, making any decisions and taking responsibility for them is very important. It prepares them and gives them confidence for the bigger decisions they will have to make in life.

8. TO APPRECIATE YOU MORE!: The best part about overnight camp for the parent? Your kids will appreciate you more! After a summer at camp, they may pick up on the some of the smaller gestures: making their favorite dinner, doing laundry, driving them to sports and activities which may suddenly be appreciated more.

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Parents: What are the changes that you’ve noticed when your child(ren)come home from overnight camp?