Six Myths of Visiting Day 2013

MYTH #1 – My Child is Deprived and Needs a Month’s Supply of Junk Food.
Timber Lake West is not a part of the NY State Correctional Facilities. Surprisingly, campers are not only fed often, but relatively well. And, they do not need candy and other snacks to trade for privileges like waterskiing, ga-ga or go-karting (much like prisoners use cigarettes). Again, those things ARE covered by tuition.

MYTH #2 – Bunk Gifts are a Part of Camp.
NO – Bunk Gifts are not allowed and will be collected and returned to you. If you ABSOLUTELY cannot help yourself and you simply MUST bring a gift, please note: Justin wears an extra large shirt and as long as it says Timber Lake West on it, he’ll wear it.

MYTH #3 – Golf Carts are to Transport the Excessive Food and Water that You Brought Even Though we Told You Not To (See MYTH #1).
The golf carts that circulate through camp are ONLY for disabled folks who physically cannot walk.

MYTH #4 – There is SPECIAL PARKING if You Just Tell the Attendant That You Know the Directors Personally.
EVERYONE knows Jenn, Justin, and Cassie personally. There is NO Special Parking.  We do have limited handicapped spaces for our disabled guests.  If you need assistance, please let a parking attendant know they need a ride and one of our friendly golf cart drivers will come to the rescue. Please be patient.

MYTH #5 – Never Mind the Rules – All Parents Tip Their Child’s Counselors.
Actually, not true! Counselors get fired for accepting tips, so unless you’re free for the rest of the summer and want to fill in as a bunk counselor (sorry, you can’t have your own child’s bunk), please forgo the gratuity or gift for your child’s counselors.   Besides, haven’t you already given us the best gift of all – your child!

MYTH #6 – If I’m Not Feeling Well, the Country Air Will be Good For Me.
NO!!! STAY HOME! Country air is highly over-rated! If you or anyone you are bringing is sick: whatever it is you got – we don’t want it! That’s surely a bunk gift we can do without!

We trust that you’re going to have a GREAT Visiting Day tomorrow. Please enjoy the camp’s grounds, activities, lunch, your children and our staff. We’re all eagerly looking forward to spending the day with you – and that’s no MYTH! 🙂