Every Ending Has a New Beginning!

So as 1st Session came to a close with Red Wonderland winning over White Oz with a final score of Red = 3,367.34, White = 3,362.66, everyone was embracing one another with tears filling-up in everyone’s eyes on the last day of camp…  1st Session was awesome and we miss our 1st Session campers already!  But every ending has a new beginning….

In this case, less than 48 hours later everyone was embracing and tears were filling-up in everyone’s eyes once again. But this time, it was with our 2nd Session campers as they arrived at camp!  The busses rolled in, and as our 2nd Session campers disembarked off the busses, welcome signs were held up high directing everyone to where their bunks would be.  The only thing that could be heard was screaming and yelling and a ton of jumping into the awaiting arms of summer friends and counselors which could be seen from all directions no matter which way you looked.  To witness this was the epitome of pure joy and excitement that was felt by all!

2nd Session is off to a great start!  We’re looking forward to another round of non-stop fun – Onward to a fantastic 2nd Session here at Timber Lake West!!!