West Factor Debuts at TLW!

What do you get when you put on display our camp staff’s singing talent up on stage each week and leave it to the campers to decide who was the best at the very end?  WEST FACTOR!

The other night was the start of Timber Lake West’s new show WEST FACTOR, where counselors perform live in front of the entire camp with the hopes of getting voted through to the next round!

On opening night of West Factor, we were entertained by 16 amazing performances. The following day, our campers had the opportunity to reflect on what they saw, confer with their friends, and then vote for their favorite 8 performers to advance to the next round.  Our staff nervously waited to see whether they made it through to the next round with the hopes of going all the way to the final performance! Here at West, we turn this hypothetical fantasy into…uh, real fantasy…disguised as reality! (Plus we threw in a few laughs along the way.)

In the end, West Factor is a lot like what we teach here through our STARFISH Program – Success does not always depend on whether you win or lose. It is about how you look at what you do and what you decide to do with everything you have learned along the way!  So far, our campers are demonstrating extreme thoughtfulness, sensitivity and great sportsmanship throughout the entire voting process and taking their role very seriously as to who makes it to the next round!

We’ve got some pretty serious talent here at West!  Onward to the next round of West Factor!