The Secret is Finally Out at TLW!

Finally! *Whew* –  We’re able to share with you all the NEW and exciting activities that we’ve been preparing for all year long for Summer 2013! And our campers couldn’t be happier!!!

Our campers are happily putting away at our new Golf Academy.  Here, they are learning about the fundamentals of the game including grip, stance, addressing the ball, swing, putting, chipping, pitching, golf safety, rules and golf etiquette.

We’ve also added gymnastics to all the amazing activities our campers can choose from!  At West’s gymnastics center, we’re introducing to our campers how gymnastics allows them the ability to have a combination of extreme flexibility, coordination, and how to build upon exceptional power that is needed by this invigorating sport.  (Not to mention the extraordinary courage and strength-of-mind that are required to perform death-defying skills!  Okay, so they’re not actually performing “death-defying” skills, but it sounds more dramatic, right?)

We also have brand new gym equipment, incorporated spin classes, and we built a new cooking kitchen for our campers to explore and be creative in!  Who knows? Maybe West will inspire the next Top Chef!

Everyone is enjoying all these new activities here at camp!  So don’t forget to keep up with us here at WEST TV so you won’t miss a thing!  Each episode will make you feel like you’re right here at camp participating in all the fun and exciting activities our campers are experiencing! Remember, keep an eye out for new episodes either through our iOS app, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our channel on YouTube and rate our Podcast on iTunes so you can stay in touch with us all summer long!