TLW Will Always be “Magical” to Allie

Name: Allie
Favorite Color: Navy
Favorite Song: American Pie (MARBLE CALL!!)
Hobbies: Figure Skating, Yoga, and Hiking

Hey Everyone! My name is Allie and I’m 25 years old, from St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada. I worked at Timber Lake West for 6 Years (2006-2011).  I have been a General Counselor, Group Leader, Friendship Coach and Lower Camp Girls Head Counselor and I was lucky to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009. Although I haven’t been at camp since 2011, I still think about my West family EVERY SINGLE day…

Since 2011, I’ve finished my Masters in Social Work.  I’m currently a hospital-based Social Worker in St. John’s and although I get to work with amazing people and their families as they recover in the hospital, I will never stop missing my summers at West.

I think often about the huge impact working at camp has had on my life. What started out as a “one summer thing” gave me 6 amazing years in the Catskills and some of the best experiences and friends I will ever know. Timber Lake West has a magical atmosphere that I have never experienced anywhere else. I went to camp knowing no one, and now hold my camp friends in my heart like family. West became a part of me, and if you know me, you know I probably cried harder than anyone during every Sing Night, every Burnout, every slideshow and every Closing Day… (Here’s a little secret for you – I watch the videos every week over the summer and STILL cry!!!)

Some of my favorite times at West have to be handing out the puzzle prize at lineup with a loud woooo! Always being called “Allie Winter”, not just “Allie,” being a Color War General 3 times in a row, and singing every word of American Pie (my favorite song) during Marble Call. Most of all I remember the feeling I would get coming up Burnt Hill Road at the start of every summer.  It was a mixture of nervousness, excitement and love that nothing else can compare to.

My camp friends, campers and counselors alike are with me always. Thank you Timber Lake West for everything you’ve given me…“Every summer you mean more and more to me, Timber Lake West and I belong to you and you’ll always belong to me…” (Alma Mater, Summer ’06)