It’s COLOR WAR for 1st Session Campers!

Color War represents the highlight of the camp season here at Timber Lake West. It is the single most anticipated event of camp. Why? For the most part, Color War is just about the only mystery that we have all summer. Think about it – we know when New Year’s Eve will be and we can plan well in advance for birthdays and holidays. But Color War is an event entirely unto itself!

As we head toward the end of our camp session, everyone walks around just waiting for Break-out (the official moment that Color War begins) and many times, all we encounter is Fake-Out. (A fake break-out!)  Break-out can happen any day, at any time, during any event. You will know the time has come when something out of the ordinary happens. Maybe it’s a sudden visit from the fire department or the State Troopers with sirens blasting. Or it may happen as we are in the middle of a special event or show.

The chatter also ensues – As you walk by any one of our campers, you can hear them say:

“I think it’s going to break today”.
“No wait, at tonight’s big special event”.
“Is it about to happen right now?”
“Maybe it’s tomorrow!”

Then, all of a sudden it happens.  Sometimes we fake them out by a Fake-out rather then a Break-out.  But when the real Break-out happens like it did with the fire trucks for our 2012 1st Session campers, everyone knows it.  Our campers were showered with tons of flying papers detailing who is on what team (White and Red), as well as the names of their team Generals, Lieutenants and Captains.

At Timber Lake West, Color War is a time to bring our campers together, teaching them how to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. It helps build social and intra-personal skills. Although the Red Team won for our 1st Session campers, there are no real losers in Color War – Everybody wins because it is a friendly battle that is long remembered by each of our campers for years to come.  Check out some footage of 1st Session’s Color War: