Here We Go Again, For the 1st Time!

The beauty of a 4-week sleep away camp is that if going away to camp the second half of the summer better suits your needs, then there are no worries like some parents have if you were to start your summer mid-way through a traditional 8-week sleep away camper’s summer.  At West, the first day of 2nd session is everyone’s first day, filled with all the same excitement as the first day of camp at the beginning of the summer!

Screams, hugs, tears of joy and mad dashes towards those friends and counselors who were missed so much from last year, were heard throughout the camp as everyone started to get settled in to their bunks.  We had beautiful weather for our Opening Day BBQ and everyone was thrilled to be back together again.  Welcome back home TLW 2nd Session campers!!!  Welcome home!