Kid Friendly Foods & Nutritionist Approved!

In our continuing effort to partner with our parents and make our campers happy, we are excited to announce that we have brought a nutritionist on board to make our camp food healthier! Don’t worry, your camp favorites will still be served, but the menus will be better balanced and offer some exciting new and healthier choices!

Our nutritionist is Marlo Mittler, MS RD, of FOODWIZE, a company specializing in menus that are kid friendly, nutritionally sound and parent approved. Marlo has been working with us to review and revise our menu, bring in new food options, add tasty snacks to our canteen, improve our salad bar and assist with our campers with special dietary needs. We are pleased to report that with these new changes, FOODWIZE has granted us their seal of nutritional accreditation, recognizing our commitment to providing healthy food for our campers and staff members.

We always want to put our campers first and our decision to consult with a nutritionist was based on our commitment to the well-being and health of our campers!

We look forward to seeing you this summer and hope you enjoy the changes we have made!