“Julius C” is Coming!!!

I bet you’re wondering who those bearded guys are…  And what do they have to do with TLW?  Well, have you ever wondered what it would be like to play in a band in front of over 500 people?  As luck would have it, this summer you just might find out!  Julius C is heading our way and making a pit-stop this summer at TLW during their 5th Annual Summer Camp Tour. Julius C works with kids that want to play instruments and sing on stage during the day, and then they perform in front of the entire camp at night!

As an up and coming rock/alternative band, Julius C has performed all over the world and they are Click here to hear Julius C on iTunes!continuously getting bigger and bigger every day!  Last summer, the band performed at over 30 camps!  Whether it is playing the drums or guitar, or even if you think you have the vocal cords of an American Idol, you should be excited for their arrival!   As for the rest of you, get your dancing shoes on because  Julius C is coming to rock out in the Timber Lake West Social Hall!  For a sneak peak at some of their music, just check out their website at JuliusC.com!

~ Justin