To Skip Or Not To Skip The Internship?

As summer comes to a close, staff hiring is just one area we focus our attention early. As more and more college students are looking for internships during their summer breaks, our passionate and valued camp counselors face the yearly question of ‘do I go back to camp, or do I get an internship?’. We like this blogger who adamantly professes “Skip the internship and go to camp.” and we could not agree more! Read on.

Additionally, for the past few years, we have been sharing with our staff, this PDF, on how to create a strong resume, using action verbs, with an active voice, emphasizing responsibility, creativity and innovation when describing their role as a Camp Counselor. It reminds employers of all the skills a camp counselor brings to the table. It is a good reminder for all of our amazing staff, why being a camp counselor is not only fun, but potentially a great resume builder. Being a camp counselor is a meaningful, rewarding, worthwhile and invaluable way to spend your summer. Timber Lake West Staff come on back to camp for the summer of a lifetime!