You Know You Were A Timber Lake West Counselor If …

Camp counselors are definitely a special kind of person, a superhero some might say. As you know camp counselors are pretty easily identified by other people, especially camp people by the things they do. Here are a few things to tell that you are a superhero, I mean camp counselor! Which number is your favorite and best described your camp counselor experience?!

  1. You have a fan club of 8-year olds
  2. Food fights are the norm for you
  3. You have really weird tan lines including but not limited to watch/bracelet/sock tan lines
  4. You own an unusual amount of tie dye and this does not just include shirts
  5. You have an easier time holding conversations with little kids then with your peers and adults
  6. Crocs are an acceptable choice of shoe
  7. You can come up with entertainment for groups in .5 seconds
  8. It is not unusual for you to be covered in paint, dirt, bruises or bug spray… there’s even a chance that it is all at once
  9. You have the urge to serve food to everyone at the table
  10. You do not mind shaving your legs in the sink and quite possibly find this fun
  11.  Your campers get pure enjoyment out of watching you do the above task
  12. Tank tops and shorts are completely acceptable work clothing
  13. You are totally content with getting way less than minimum wage
  14. You make more memories than you ever would be able to be paid for
  15. You can pack well for any and every occasion
  16. You constantly smell like campfire and you don’t mind it
  17. You frequently use the phrase “take a buddy”
  18.  You have written at least one school or application paper about camp
  19. You refer to your campers as “your kids”, this most likely has gotten you weird looks
  20. You’re okay with waking up before 8 in the summer
  21. One-match fires are the ultimate test of skill and becoming a huge competition
  22. You know a camp song about almost anything
  23. You can create a song about anything and you have had the experience doing so
  24. You honestly don’t remember how many times you showered in a given week
  25. Your fellow staff members don’t care that you have not showered in days because they are in the same boat
  26. Trips to Walmart are considered fun nights off… and you may have gotten kicked out before
  27. You can sleep almost anywhere at almost anytime
  28. You have a memory box full of things campers have made you
  29. You know making s’mores is considered an art form
  30. You’ve had to pull marshmallow taffy out of someone’s hair
  31. You have had to teach girls how to pee in woods
  32. You know nothing about current events or pop culture during the summer
  33. You understand that the number of friendship bracelets you have is a competition
  34. You know that walkie-talkies are a sign of major power
  35. You feel more at home at camp than at home
  36. You talk to a counselor of the opposite sex and you are automatically dating each other
  37. You have given more piggy back rides than you can count on one hand…in one day
  38. You are frequently mistake for being 10 years older than you actually are
  39. Your cure to almost any physical aliment is “drink more water”
  40. You resort to purposely getting dirty just to take a shower
  41.  You sometimes act like more of a kid than your campers
  42. You take capture the flag and counselor hunt more seriously than the campers do
  43.  You have friends of all ages
  44. You some how manage to lose weight even when eating junk food on a daily basis
  45.  You take flash lights away as a form of punishment
  46.  You brush your teeth outside your cabin more often than in the sink
  47. You don’t get offended by #38
  48. You tend to have cuss words flying out of your mouth when you are off duty
  49. You know every camp song in the book
  50. You believe in the “magic” of camp


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