Covers Cause We Care – Campers Helping Their Community

Hi, our names are Rachel R. and Carly Z.. We are two 15 year old girls who want to help other kids and their families stay warm in the winter months. We are so lucky to have blankets on our beds, but we know that this is not the case for everyone. We started a charity two years ago called “Covers Cause We Care.”  For the past five years, we have collected almost 3000 blankets from campers and counselors at Trails End, Chestnut Lake, Timber Lake West, Timber Lake, Tyler Hill and Camp Wayne For Girls! We are proud to announce that Camp Wayne For Boys will be participating in our charity this year! Our goal is to collect an additional1000 blankets this summer, and get them out to people in need.

We started this charity because we both go to sleep away camp (Trails End Camp and Timber Lake West), and we know that we are very lucky. Each summer we bring our bedding with us to camp and decorate our beds. We noticed that after a few summers, many kids are often finished using their bedding, and replace it. We learned that there are kids right here on Long Island who do not have a blanket to keep them warm. When you are finished using your camp bedding, we want to collect it, and give it to people who desperately need it.

Five and a half years ago, we were introduced and developed a wonderful relationship with the amazing people at the Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN). They are the largest private social service agency on Long Island. They run 19 soup kitchens, emergency shelters and long term housing program to help people in need all over Long Island. Last summer we donated all 500 blankets to the INN. Once again, they are thrilled to accept any lightly used blankets that we collect.

We are so excited that all of the amazing directors and incredible staff at all seven camps are eager to support our cause this summer. We know that these camps are made up of wonderful compassionate families that will want to help us achieve our goal. We thank everyone in advance for their support.

It is so simple to donate your bedding…

  • Email us at info@timberlakewest.comand let us know that you would like to leave your bedding behind so it can be donated.
  • Tell us your child’s name, their camp and the group they are in, and we will work out the details with your camp.
  • Note: All questions should be directed to us. Please email us at the address above, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

It’s that easy to make a difference in someone’s life!

Thank you so much for caring and supporting “Covers Cause We Care.”

Smiles and warm wishes,
Rachel and Carly