West Boys Trick-Shots in Action!

Watching or playing any type of sport is a fun past time for any person, young or old. It’s is a great form of exercise and also a great way to have fun with friends! It’s one of the easiest ways to have fun rather than sitting on the couch all day long playing video games or watching television. 

Recently in the news, a 2 year old named Titus and his basketball trick-shots video has gone viral.   This made us think back to this past summer, and that we too have quite a few athletic sensations on our hands as well!

Whether it’s basketball, football, soccer or frisbee, our West boys were having a blast showing off their own serious skills! What they did makes basketball, football, soccer and frisbie that much more enjoyable to watch because of their acrobatic shots most of us could never make.  Clearly, watching this video makes us realize that there are just endless possibilities! (As for Justin, well….. Let’s just say he still needs some practice!)

Enjoy the below video of our very own West boys in action!