Calling All Campers – We Need a Mascot!

Choosing any ‘ol camp mascot is easy, but choosing a great TLW one is a lot tougher. For years, we’ve been toying with the idea of what TLW’s new mascot could be.  Sure, anyone can have a bland, generic mascot like the “Eagles” or the “Badgers.” But a truly original mascot, exemplifying the best qualities of Timber Lake West, can only come from one place – YOU! 🙂 

The best mascots reflect something distinctive about the place they represent. That could be an animal or a reflection of our history.  Or, it can also be a clever spin on words taken directly from our camp name – Timber Lake West. Whatever we decide on, you should know that it’ll appear on our camp T-shirts, banners and other camp items.

So help us out here!  Post your suggestions here, or on Facebook and help us decide what the new Timber Lake West mascot should be!

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