Remember Freya?

Hello To All at Timber Lake West!

I was a counselor back in 2011 and I miss my summer at West every single day. Above is a picture of me from back then – I’m in the middle!  During my time at TLW I made lifelong friends and memories that I will cherish forever. I remember hearing people say on the way up to camp that summer, that camp changes lives forever.  I’ll admit that I wondered how it was possible for camp to affect people so much.  And “forever?” Really???  Now, 2 years later, I completely understand what they meant. I still talk about West all the time and have such fond memories. I met some of the most amazing people and the best kids in the world right there at camp.

TLW taught me so much, some lessons I learned after leaving camp and some of them, I’m still learning now; but the main thing that West has taught me was to make the most of every opportunity.

Since my time at West, I have grown up so much. I’ve graduated college, I’ve experienced success, I’ve conquered heartbreak and I’ve developed an overwhelming sense of independence. I also believe that camp gave me the confidence to go out and do things for myself that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the confidence to do. Traveling 3,000 miles across the globe from Scotland, on your own, was a huge deal for a small town 19 year-old like me – but I did it! It proved to me that I could look after myself and that I could be independent.  Because of this, I had no second thoughts about auditioning for Disneyland Paris (Yes – PARIS!) where I spent eight amazing months of 2012! 🙂

I look at my time at Timber Lake West as a huge milestone in my life. It was a time where I proved to myself that I was able to do things I never imagined, even little things like driving on the wrong side of the road! It showed me equality and true friendship that survives both time and distance. I still have dreams about camp and I am thankful for the amazing friends that I made, and the memories I continue to carry with me wherever I go…

As the school year begins for all my West friends, I hope you all had an amazing summer 2013, and a big shout out to my fabulous Cadets and Juniors (now Juniors and Collegiates this past summer) and above all, I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for giving me the summer of a lifetime – I will never forget Timber Lake West!

~ Freya Taylor xx