Visiting Day – 2nd Session

This past weekend we had one of our most treasured days: Visiting Day for our 2nd session campers!

It was another extremely successful Visiting Day here at TLW, as campers and parents reunited after 2 weeks of being apart. There were tears of joy all around as parents started running down the hill, and campers jumped into their arms. Once parents and campers were finally together, the Visiting Day festivities began!

Parents and campers took part in some fun in-camp activities such as lake front fun, tennis, golf, basketball, rock climbing, zip-lining and everything else that our campers enjoy doing here at camp every day. It is a day eagerly awaited by both parent and camper and signifies that camp is halfway over (boo hoo!). However, it’s a great time to celebrate our campers and see what they have accomplished here at West over the last 2 weeks.

Everyone also enjoyed some of their favorite foods either in the dining hall or at our outside BBQ (a constant favorite every year – West’s Bread Pudding!) The weather was spectacular and families were throughly enjoying it during this day of fun!

After parents left, campers took part in our annual camp-wide huge water fight that got everybody on their feet, running around with glee. Everyone had a wonderful Visiting Day, and campers are eager to begin what many consider to be the highlight of camp!  Can you say Color War???? Stay tuned!