1st Session Color War BREAK-OUT!!!!

Are you hungry for Color War????  Well, our 1st session campers were when they woke up the other morning to an unusual sighting at breakfast….The dining hall was out of food 🙁 As campers chanted ‘1,2,3,4 We want Color War,’ they soon learned that it was all part of a Teen “fake-out.”  (That’s when they try to make you believe break-out is happening, but they fake you out instead!)

After going about a normal morning here at West, all campers were assembled for a lunch lineup to hear the final 2 acts for ‘The West Factor.’  In the middle of the lineup, a pirate & a ninja appeared out of nowhere for an epic fight that led the entire camp to the ropes course.  There, everyone watched as the pirates & ninjas fought it out on the high ropes course.  Campers screamed and cheered awaiting color war to break…. But alas, it wasn’t to be… Another fake-out…

In the afternoon, all campers enjoyed their 4th period activities and came to the commons for snack…  As everyone arrived, each group received a different snack.  After campers were enjoying their yummy treats, Justin announced on the loud speaker that he was very disappointed that everyone was eating different snacks and that we ALL always eat the same snack.  He demanded all group leaders to bring back the snacks and told everyone that we were going to have a different snack that was the same for everyone.  Suddenly, music started to play and a limo came down the hill.  Out stepped director Jenn and Cadet boy Guy M. with boxes and boxes of RED & WHITE cookies for the campers…

After enjoying their delicious cookie snack- campers were about to leave the commons when a plane flew overhead and dropped the Color War fliers to begin COLOR WAR 2013 for our 1st session campers!!!!!  Red Wonderland vs. White Oz!!!!!! ACK!!!!

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