I Was Home the Moment I Walked Down the Hill…

Favorite Quote: “Everyone is unique, except me…”
Nickname(s): Jay, Dutchie 2, Dutchie

Hey!  My name is Jereon and I’m from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I work at the British School of Amsterdam where I support autistic children and children with other challenges. I am also a water polo coach and a swim instructor.  I enjoy traveling, spending a lot of time visiting camp friends! I love watching and playing sports, videogames and spending time with my friends.

A friend of mine (the original Dutchie) worked at camp and said that I should try it out – which I did!  As a result, I worked at TLW for 4 years.  My first summer (2005) I started out as a general counselor/ lifeguard at the pool. When I returned for my second summer, I became Color War Lieutenant for Red Transportation. I was bumped up at the 2nd Session to be a judge. My third summer, I remained a lifeguard/general counselor. However, my fourth (and last summer at West) was in 2008 where I returned as Head of Lakefront and I got inducted to the TLW Hall of fame!

What I loved most about Timber Lake West were the friends I made.  Even though we are far apart, I still keep in touch with many of my former campers who are now counselors at TLW.  There is not a year that goes by where I don’t go and visit someone who I met from West, or they come and visit me. Because you spend so much time together at camp, you really become friends for a lifetime.

Although there are so many moments and memories that I love about TLW, the things I loved most were as simple as just walking across camp, talking to campers and staff. Sometimes we spoke of fun things and sometimes it was about things more serious. It was those small, yet powerful conversations where I was able to help out and be part of a larger team – those moments of wanting to give everyone – campers and staff alike, the best summer ever!  Because I know it’s what I received in return…

Because of West, I have made friends from all over the world.  It has broadened my view on people and the world as a whole.  It has made me a stronger person and impacted me in a way that has taught me about the type of environment of where I wanted to be in. Working with people from all kinds of backgrounds.

Last summer I returned to camp for a week to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary. Although some things changed, the most essential things did not. I felt right back at home the moment I walked down that hill…

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