Camp-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this weekend? If you’re not sure, don’t fret – if you pull out some of your camp gear, and add a bit of personality, we’ve got some great camp themed costumes for you!

Lifeguard – Grab your swim trunks, a camp T-shirt, a whistle and sandals & you’re ready to head to the waterfront! Add in some floaties and you’re all set!
Athletics Specialist – Put on your sneakers, choose a sport and use your imagination! Make sure you do it with all your favorite camp gear!
Outdoor Adventure – Khaki shorts, camp shirt, some rope & a helmet and you’re ready to tackle the climbing wall!
Referee – Black shorts or pants with a black & white striped shirt and a whistle! Add a soccer ball, basketball or football.
Counselor – Camp shirt with regular sports shorts, sunglasses and sneakers. Have a notebook handy so you can take notes on all your campers!

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We’d love to see all our campers in their costumes – email us your Halloween pictures to and don’t forget to save your costumes and bring them to camp next summer!