Counting Down the Days Yet?

It’s school time again! Like us, you’re probably feeling a little sad that camp is over and school has begun. Back to the books & homework, counting down the days until we can come back to our summer home and all our great friends – both new and old!  So to help you daydream about camp, check out some of these great photo highlights and tune in to our YouTube video channel HERE to relive all your favorite camp memories!

Just like you wrote letters home during the summer, why not write letters to camp?  We’d love to hear from you!  Are you starring in your school’s theater production?  Did you make the lacrosse team?  Send us your updates to be included in a future blog post!  Submissions can be sent to

Before you know it, camp will be right around the corner again! Hey, it’s only 278 days until first session and 305 days until second session 2012!