1st Session Visiting Day

On a scale of 1-10, our 1st session Visiting Day was a 12!  We could not have ordered better weather if we tried!  By 8am, the first cars were lined up on the road outside of camp waiting anxiously to see their children.  At 9:30am the parents entered in to camp to park their cars and waited at the top of the hill until the official start of Visiting Day at 10am.

As the minutes ticked by, the anticipation and excitement level rose.  Everyone was excited! Visiting Day is somewhat unstructured so that families get to spend quality time with their child and are able to meet their child’s counselors, friends and to see the things they enjoy doing most at camp.  Some campers drive a go-cart, climb the climbing wall, zip down the zip line, or water ski, while others go swimming, boating or play tennis.  All where their families are able to participate with them in their favorite activities.  Some families choose to go off the property while others join us for either the outside bar-b-que lunch or lunch inside the dining hall – all complete with make your own sundaes!

Everyone was very happy with the day and especially with our top-notch staff.  Rave reviews about the day were echoed as 1st Session Visiting Day came to a close…  And we look forward to an equally successful Visiting Day for our 2nd Session campers and their families next month!