Camp is Right Around the Corner!

I recently took a trip up at Camp and I find myself longing for the summer when I am at camp during the off season.  It is the quiet that grabs my attention.  There is no pop of a tennis ball meeting a racket, no twang of the ball hitting a bat, nor the splash of happy campers jumping in the pool.

I miss the noise at camp…  The cheering in the dining hall, the singing as the girls walk to activities, the hammer hitting the nail in woodworking, the wheels of the skateboard grinding in the park, music pumping out of the dance studio and hearing the dance counselor say “5-6-7-8”, that sound, that sound the zip line makes when a camper goes for a ride, the dull hum of the motor boat along with the laughter and happy screams of the banana boat riders, and you always know then the go-carts are running!

The PA does not play music during the day or Journey to call you all to snack.  It is just as quiet as the rest of camp, this time of year.

But soon, soon, in less than 80 days, the staff is going to start making their way up Burnt Hill Road, followed a short time later by the Camp Buses and then Camp will be Camp once again.  Because it is the staff and campers that make camp come alive and make it the place you live 11 months out of the year for that one month on the top of a mountain in Roscoe, NY.  Timber Lake West – it is the place we all call home.  We are very much looking forward to seeing our Timber Lake West Family once again.
~ Jenn