Internet Safety

We have blogged about Cyberbullying previously, and now we are back to discuss Internet Safety. It seems especially appropriate with more and more cases in the news, in which young people do harm and in some cases commit crimes because they do not realize what can result from the way they use their computers.

Nassau County is launching a program called “STOP then Send” to go into schools and spread the word about the dangers of cyberbullying, “sexting” and the dangers of the internet. “We’re giving kids the keys and letting them get on the Internet highway, but we are not giving them driver’s ed.” says District Attorney Anne Donnelly, the prosecutor who runs the program.


  • Keep young children off of social networking sites.
  • Keep computers that children use in a well trafficked part of the house where you can see what they are doing online.
  • Know your child’s passwords and check social networking accounts.


  • There are predators on the Internet watching what you do, so keep personal information to yourself.
  • Pictures are forever.
  • Do not give passwords to anyone but your mom or dad.
  • Be kind. Think about how what you do might affect other people.