1. What is the camp’s mission & what outcome can I expect for my child?
Timber Lake West’s mission is to teach our campers the skills of making AND keeping friends while building their self-confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.

In addition to developing their character and self-esteem, your child will come home from each summer with new skills, amazing friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!

2. How competitive is the sports program?
We have all different levels of athletes and we offer optional private and semi-private lessons at no additional cost. While we do win our fair share of tournaments, sportsmanship and learning to play on a “team” outweighs any outcome on the court, field, or rink.

3. Who are the counselors, where are they from & how are they selected?
Our highest in the industry compensation attracts a large pool from which we scout, interview and select only the best counselors to care for our campers, utilizing the most sophisticated competency-based interview process in the camp profession.

One quarter of our counselors are former campers that have grown up at camp. The bulk are from across the U.S. with representation from all over the world, including Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand!

4. What is the camp’s medical staff like? How are health issues handled?
At Timber Lake West, we have a doctor and 4 nurses in our modern health center at all times. We deal with health issues on an individual basis and our staff makes sure parents receive regular updates if a camper is not feeling well.

5. Who does my child go to if he/she has a concern or a problem?
The average camper to counselor ratio in a bunk is about 2.5 to 1.  With that type of supervision and training, our counselors will be your child’s go-to for any concern or problem.  Of course, we have a complete open door policy at Timber Lake West where any camper can talk to their Division Leader, Head Counselor and the Directors without hesitation. Justin and Cassie are on the campus all day, fully accessible to your child. There is no hierarchy!

6. How many campers & counselors live in each bunk (cabin)?
On average, each bunk has 3-4 counselors and 9-10 campers.

7. Who are the instructors that will be teaching my child?
Our activity instructors are talented individuals with both academic and practical experience in their areas of expertise. They are committed to ensuring that campers explore and develop their passions and significantly improve their skills.

Our sports programs are led by top coaches in their respective disciplines, all whom possess either high school or collegiate level coaching experience. No matter a camper’s skill level, everyone improves!

8. If I have a concern or a problem, whom do I speak to & who will handle it?
Each age group in camp has what we call a “Division Leader.” Division Leaders are mature adults who supervise individual age campers on our boys and girls campuses. They will be your first point of contact.  Beyond that, with any further concern or problem, you will speak directly with our directors, Justin & Cassie Mayer.

9. What are the camp’s policies on phone calls home, visitation & electronics?
Each camper has 2 phone calls home per session.  Visiting Day for parents takes place 2 weeks into each session. Only electronics which play music are allowed in the bunk, once the children have climbed into bed.

10. How are special dietary & other health needs handled?
Special dietary and other health needs are handled on a case by case basis. We have a separate chef and staff for campers with special diets and we accommodate gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free diets along with others. We are a FULLY NUT AWARE camp, and closely monitor all of our special dietary and health-concerned campers.

Camper medications are distributed by nurses at mealtimes as well as before bed.  Anytime a child is sick and needs to stay overnight at our health center, parents are contacted.